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Camp Awesome takes place 3 times per year: Good Friday, Christmas and 1st week in August (a back to school camp).  The camps are sponsored by Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church Youth Organization. The program offers Arts and Crafts, games and indoor/outdoor activities.




A mentor is part of a team of caring adults who helps to bring a kid one step closer to realizing that someone does care. Mentors will echo the positive values and cultural heritage that parents and guardians would teach. Our mentoring program will give kids the opportunity to develop a relationship with one or more adults. The mentors will provide help to the kids in many aspects of our offered programs, through participation in many activities, and by encouraging positive choices




On-location mentoring through practical and hands on experiences. Giving young men and boys the opportunity to get cultural exposure, to realize the importance of history, how to give back to the community, knowledge of certain cultures, etiquette while dining out, and the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of places they may not be able to visit otherwise.



Counseling sessions are available for adults and youth.

The sessions are administered by volunteers, some which have degrees and experience in counseling.



Tutor Me focuses on individual learning needs. We motivate children to read for pleasure, which will give them the opportunity to learn more through reading. Our goal is for them to become engaged readers and writers. The children will have access to high quality books and reading materials. The program is held after school and during the summer.



Workshops and Classes are facilitated by South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Workshops and Classes are as follows:  G.R.E.A.T. – Gang Resistance Education and Training, Kids Law and JRTC-Job Readiness Training Center.



Clothes give away
Thanksgiving Dinners (Prepared by two churches)
Senior Thanksgiving Baskets
Christmas (toy give away)

STWC Foundation Programs and Events

STWC Foundation Fundraising Events

Thank you for your support of STWC Foundation over the past 8 years. We hope that the annual STWC Celebrity Golf Tournament will return to our calendar of events soon.


The sharp downturn in the economy affecting the bottom lines of most corporations and individuals has impacted sponsorships and donations to the Foundation.


We anticipate the tournament will return to Legends Golf Resort soon and we look forward to your return as a participant.

Willie J. Williams, Jr.


STWC relies greatly on the generosity of those who donate through our fundraisers and special events. These events help raise funds and the awareness of the continued needs of our communities--both our children and adults who suffer socio-economically.


Corporations and businesses, there are many opportunities for you to team up with STWC Foundation, and receive the benefits of Event Sponsorship.

STWC Foundation relies on the generosity of the public and corporate partners. Your company can benefit in many ways, through sponsorship and promotional opportunities at special events, fundraisers, and in-kind support. This is a great way to get involved in the community and be recognized for your generosity and desire to make change. Sponsorship opportunities can be during special events or throughout the year. To find out more, please contact Eliza Williams at  (803) 361-2921. 



TWC Foundation is always looking for creative ways to raise funds for our communities. You can get involved too!

The fundraising efforts and ideas are endless, but here are just a few ways to get started in making tremendous change!


  • Bowl-a-Thon or any other fun idea that would utilize family and friend pledges

  • Businesses can match funds that are donated by employees

  • Silent or live auctions

  • School or civic group fundraisers

  • Garage, yard, or bake sales

  • Raffles

  • Many, many more creative ideas you may have!

If you have questions or would like to plan a special fundraiser for STWC, please email us your information and ideas so that we may let others know of your efforts and success stories!

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New Tutor Me Program

Click Here for Flyer

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