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About Show Them We Care (STWC)

Show Them We Care (STWC) was established to make an impact in our communities. We believe that it doesn't matter the quantity of people who enter through our doors. Our concern is for those that walk out to have the vision and the tools to achieve a better quality of life with lasting values.


We want to bring our communities together and make a difference by focusing on the most important things that are needed. STWC will focus on helping children and adults learn to succeed, become good leaders, understand the importance of education, make ethical decisions, and gain knowledge and experience to advance in the work force and society.


We will make a difference in the community, through developing a safe neighborhood, preventing drug use, and reducing gang activity. STWC is committed to providing quality services that are needed to make that tremendous development in the focused areas.


Our success will be based on the community acceptance of change, through future relationships with schools, businesses, neighborhood associations, and the church community and through a desire to make a difference. When we say success, it's not for Show Them We Care (STWC), it is for the individuals that complete our programs and the communities as a whole.


Our Mission. To be a network for socio-economic, educational, and spiritual progress. To support and develop programs that result in innovative solutions to educating, and building character for underprivileged adults and children in our communities.

Child Model
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